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Welcome to Sherif Cargo ( Supported our growth for over 80 years )

At Sherif, we believe that it is our core value system that has supported our growth for over 75 years.

We have been functioning for over 4 generations as a customer-centric service firm and are committed to ensuring that your experience with us only gets better.

We understand that every delivery is a promise and every promise the beginning of a new relationship.


The collective experience of key Sherif Cargo members is upwards of 80 years legacy.

Many of the team members have worked in leadership positions in large multinational freight forwarding and logistics companies.

Our Team has requisite experience to support & Service large ,Small & Medium Enterprises ( SMEs ).


Sherif Cargo constantly banks on its most powerful asset to make it a truly integrated organisation – its people.

This strong belief in its people has made it a learning organisation that welcomes innovation and growth from within.

By constantly improvising systems and procedures to empower its people, Sherif Cargo has seen its employees grow along with the organisation.

Sustainable practises, open-systems, cultural integration, and quality-focused methods have all been part of making winners within Sherif Cargo and have directly contributed to its growth and success.


The key factor for customer satisfaction comes from the manifestation of Sherif Cargo’s core delivery strength – “The customer is always right.”

This belief in adhering to customer experiences beyond just mere verbal assurance translates into a visible edge for Sherif Cargo’s customers.

With this in mind, Sherif Cargo endeavours to build people skills, processes and systems around client need and requirement.


  • Create an incredible personalised experience for all customers.
  • Make every experience value-based for all stakeholders (customers, employees and partners).
  • Build seamless structured experiences.


Client-centric experiences for both big and small businesses

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